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Hi, My name is Amar kumar founder of the Nowmyblogs!

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist based in Bangalore, India. Find me on FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedin.

I have been working in the field of Digital marketing for more than 2+ years of hands-on experience in both fulltime and in Freelancing.

I deeply thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and wish you the happiest of experience while Blogging so that you can broaden your mind, and broaden your soul, to the amazing world that we live in. I wish you the happiest and most memorable blogging experiences you can have.

At Home activities:

Learning New Things | Watching movies | Catch up with family and friends | Cricket | Gorge on home food | Plan on future new posts.

What i collect from my Blogging:

Connected number of new persons, collecting the number of information about new digital era.
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I Started Nowmyblogs For those people who wants to learn blogging, now they can easily find About Blogging, SEO, WordPress , Entertainment , Digital Marketing, Tricks, Make money online in my blog.

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