7 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup Business

7 Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your Startup Business

Over the past 10 years, developments in digital marketing have followed each other at lightning speed. Using digital marketing is easier than ever and using the online channel to reach more potential customers is a powerful way to grow your business.

What is digital marketing Let’s start with the definition of digital marketing or, to use the English term, digital marketing?

For digital marketing refers to all the business of selling products and services, carried out via the digital channel (e.g. web, but not the only) by using a device that allows access to an internet connection (e.g. smartphone, tablet or personal computer).

There are different types of digital marketing

  • Web marketing & Social media marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  1. Proximity Marketing

In the following paragraphs, we will find out more about the most common type of digital marketing: web marketing.

Define your business goals and indicators Before proceeding with the definition of the strategies it is necessary to know what we want to obtain from the activities and the investments that we are preparing to do in web marketing.

Defining goals means for example

Increase the turnover deriving from the sale of its products or services Increase the number of new customers Increase the number of new contacts.

Once the objectives have been defined, we can proceed with the formalization of the indicators that allow us to measure them, to understand whether the objectives are met or not.

Define the turnover (or the increase in turnover) that derives from the sale of its products or services Define the number of new customers Define the number of new contacts.

We are happy to help you on your way with 7 specific tips to use digital marketing for the growth of your small business:

Tip # 1: Involve and activate your warm network

The easiest step to becoming visible to potential customers is to involve your warm network with what you do as an entrepreneur.

Your friends, family, and acquaintances probably find it quite interesting what you do as an entrepreneur and what keeps you busy.

By involving your ‘first-degree connections via social media or by sending an occasional e-mail you can also ask for help!), You and your company will remain top of mind’ with them.

This increases the chance that they will at some point make the link with your services when a possibility comes along. Keep it accessible and fun and don’t spam.

Tip #2 Be a Connector

Good chance that you as an entrepreneur are constantly working on expanding your network. Take advantage of the power of online networking and where possible connect people with each other who can mean something to each other.

When you adopt the mindset of a connector, you will see that this will pay off (in the long term). The fact that you add value without directly expecting a consideration in this way triggers a psychological mechanism that is also called ‘reciprocity.

Tip #3 Do not attract customers, but ambassadors

Try to delve into the underlying customer demand. Why does a customer come to you with a specific question? What is the underlying need that leads to demand? How can you best help the customer with this?

When you embrace this mindset, you are no longer concerned with making transactions, but with adding value. And that ensures that a customer is not only a customer but also becomes an ambassador for you.

The internet makes the value that companies add more transparent in the form of, for example. testimonials, reviews and direct referrals via social media. When you have many ambassadors, this value becomes increasingly visible.

Tip # 4: Use email marketing

“But doesn’t everybody get that much email every day?” “Email marketing can no longer be effective?” That we receive too much email: agree.

That email marketing is no longer effective: disagree. As long as the email is still the most used business online communication tool, it is one of the most important channels in internet marketing.

To reap the benefits. Stick to the guidelines (such as a double opt-in) and don’t spam. Try to add relevance and value to your email list. Then it can be a very powerful marketing tool.

Tip #5 Start a blog & keep blogging

Starting a blog is now child’s play. The disciplined keeping of your blog is another story. Make sure you think about the content you publish. Do keyword research.

Use a publication schedule. And here too: add value to the reader through content that is useful to your target group. You can blog for the long term.

In the long term, you become easier to find in search engines and you attract targeted visitors to your website that you can convert to customers. You will only experience the power of blogging after you have done it for a few months. So: ‘Keep on going

Tip # 6: Optimize for search engines

Optimize your website, the pages of your website and all blog articles for the search engines. Think about your menu items, URL structure, keywords, and meta descriptions. Think of strategies to get more links from other websites to your website.

And keep doing this continuously. Just as with blogging, search engine optimization is a continuous process. It is a marathon, not a sprint. If you continue to pay attention to it, SEO experts will give a return on your efforts that will make you very happy.

Tip # 7 Write a guest blog

We conclude with a combination of blogging and SEO. By writing guest blogs on platforms that already attract a lot of visitors and reach through social media, you can take advantage of this reach.

In this way, you establish your authority in your field and at the same time attract visitors to your website. An additional effect is that it is also good in the context of SEO consultant when you can link bio or articles from your author to relevant content on your own site


Leaving aside all the difficulties for businesses and small businesses deriving from fixed costs (e.g. rents or personnel), taxation and globalization, I hope this article has helped you find ideas and suggestions on how to adopt them of digital marketing strategies can allow the exploration of new ways of interacting with the customer and new sales channels.

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