7 Little Known Tricks That Will Get You More YouTube Subscribers

7 Little Known Tricks That Will Get You More YouTube Subscribers

What I am going to share here are ways to get more YouTube subscribers in 2020. We all want more subscribers when uploading a video. So let’s see what the shortcuts are to increase your subscribers.

  1. Choose a trending content: When making a video, we first need to think about the subject. It is always best to choose a trendy topic, and it must contain good content. You can use the social media accounts to check for the latest contents. Compared to informative content it’s the trending topics that increase the viewers very quickly
  2. Attractive thumbnail: Make attractive and impressive thumbnails. It’s always good to choose colorful big fonts while creating the thumbnails. An attractive thumbnail will bring more viewers to your video. Be a visual correspondent for your title and description to make a viral video.
  3. Tag: Your YouTube video tags help you distinguish your video content. .The YouTube algorithm understands what users are seeing through this. These will reflect the core of your video. Think again about short-tail SEO. Try to choose google trending keywords as your tag.
  4. Description: Search engines and users can be notified precisely by video description Give a small description about your content. At the same time be careful to choose a description that’s quite different from your tag. Ensure that your description is not empty. Try to include trending keywords in your description.
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  6. Be the first subscriber: It’s good to subscribe to your own video by yourself.
  7. Upload maximum videos in your channel: Make at least one video on a daily basis. When uploading a video, always do the exact same time. Be consistent in uploading a video. Doing so, YouTube will send a YouTube notification to all your subscribers for each new video upload. And by that time the person who likes your video will be eagerly awaiting the next video. So upload maximum videos in your channel on a regular basis.
  8. Create a broadcast message in WhatsApp: Promote yourself among your circles like friends, family, colleagues. Some may tease you but take a never mind attitude on those comments. Ask them to view and share the video. But at the same time make sure that you are sending links to the people who may watch your video. Otherwise that may lead to lack the minimum watch time and so YouTube algorithm may recognize it as content less won’t promote your video. Or try to search for vloggers groups in apps like telegram etc. And join in such groups. If you subscribe to their videos definitely they too will subscribe to yours too. Request them to watch your video for a few minutes. If views of your video get increased means then there will be an automatic increase of your viewers.
  9. Never give your channel link in others channel: If you give you channel link in others channel that will be negative marking. And never give the same comments multiple times in a channel.

If you present a very good trending video content with quality, and accuracy definitely that will be viewed by millions. If the video doesn’t go viral, you never have to worry. Fix a time to upload your video and continue it daily. Quality, content and accuracy are more important.

Hopefully upload the video forever. One day your video will take you beyond your thoughts. Proceed your smart work with optimism. A winner will be the one who wants to win. One day your video will get stuck in a YouTube algorithm and your video goes viral, the videos that accompany it will also be viewed by millions.

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