How to Integrate Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets?

How to Integrate Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets?

Do you want to store your customer’s contact information at a secure place? Google Drive is one of the best places to store any information. The best part of this is you can access it anywhere without any hassle.

I know you want to save your contact form 7 entries to Google drive.  And it’s very difficult to do manually. In this post, I’ll cover one of the most powerful WordPress plugin, which fetches you’re all contact form 7 information effortlessly in one click to Google Sheets.

How to Connect Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets?

You have plenty of ways to integrate contact form 7 to Google sheets. You might have heard about Zapier, However Zapier price is very expensive. On the other hand, you can use the CF7 GSheet Connector add-on plugin. This plugin price is affordable, easy to integrate, and more features than other similar plugins.

Here, I am going to guide you on how to integrate the CF7 GSheet Connector plugin with Google Sheets.

Install GSheet Connector Plugin in your WordPress website

First of all, install GSheet Connector CF7 PRO plugin in your WordPress website and then activate it. After activating the plugin, you need to enter the activation key to unlock the advanced feature of the CF7 GSheet Connector plugin.

You will get activation Key and downloadable plugin from your GSheet connector account dashboard.


Grab the key from there and add to the activation tab, after that, click on the SAVE button to complete the activation process.

Activate key

Now let me help you to integrate GSheet connector plugin with Google Sheets.

Step by Step Guide to connect CF7 Gsheet Plugin with Google Sheets

Once the plugin activation process complete. After that, Google sheets integration and form setting tab will automatically enable next to the Activation tab.

1) Click on Get Code button to start the authentication process


2) Give permission to Google to get Access to GSheet Plugins

Google isn’t able to access our web property without our permission. So you need to give access to Google to fetch your website contact form data to Google sheets.



So click on the Allow button to give permission to Google.

3) Copy Authentication code and Paste into Access Code section

Grab the authentication code and plug it into the Access Code section. After that, click on the “SAVE” button to complete the Google authentication process.

contact form 7

4) Fetch All the Google Sheets in CF7 GSheet Plugin

Once the Google API authentication process will be completed. Later you need to fetch all your Google drive sheets into GSheet plugin. For that, click on the click here to fetch the link.

select contact form 7

Note: If you have too many sheets in Google drive, defiantly it obvious to take the endless time.

Gsheet connector plugin and Google drive are integrated with each other perfectly.

Now, we need to connect Contact Form 7 to the right Google sheets and tab.

For that, follow the below steps.

Connect Google Sheets with Contact Form

1) Select your Contact form

Navigate to Contact form 7 all forms section. Click on the edit option of that contact form that you want to connect with Google sheets.

table sheet

2) Go to the Google Sheets tab

After that, navigate to the Google Sheet PRO tab. There you will get Google Sheets setting field.

Google intrgration

Here you have two options to integrate Google sheets with contact form.

1) Selecting Google Sheet from the drop-down option

Google sheet id

2) Add Google sheets and Tab name and Id manually

Automatically process is very easy. However, the manual process is quite hard if you are doing the first time.

2.1) Integrate Google Sheets manually with CF7 form

First of all, click on the “Enable Manually adding of sheet name and tab name” checkbox, enable it.


Once that checkbox enables after that, the Google Sheet setting field will be changed from the drop-down menu to manually add boxes.

custom mail

Grab Google Sheets and Tab name and ID from Google drive and plug it into these boxes.

You will find Google Sheets and Tab names easily. However, Google Sheets and tab ID are quite hard for you to find.

So, go to the Google sheets which you want to integrate, grab both ids from the sheets URL (slug) and paste into Google sheets setting.

Now you have to setup filed, unable those fields only that information you want to save in Google Sheets.

You can edit the filed name if you want. Right now filed names come from the contact form name while used when you create form.

If you collect extra information of your customers while using Contact form 7. Then the special mail tag feature is very helpful for you.

Here you have all special mail tags that are CF7 officially, allow users to use in the contact form.

CF7 GSheet connector allows users to set up all fields in the custom order.

If you are using other third-party plugins in your WordPress website and want to fetch those plugins data to google sheets, then custom mail tag will help you to fetch that data without any hassle.

In the end, you have to click on the “SAVE” button to complete the process and start fetching all data to Google sheets.


Contact form 7 is one of the old and popular WordPress contact form plugin. It has more than 5 million active installations with more than 1500 five starts rating on WordPress.

CF7 GSheet connector is the best alternative of Zapier for Google sheet integration. Although, GSheet plugins price is lower, the features very useful than Google sheets integration plugins.

More than 10000+ contact form 7 users are using the CF7 GSheet Connector add-on plugin on their WordPress website. If you want to integrate CF7 with Google sheets, I highly suggest you use the CF7 GSheet Connector plugin.

I hope this CF7 guide helps you. If you liked this guide, feel free to share with other CF7 users to store their contact form entries directly to the google sheets.

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