What Nobody Tells You If You Have an Ecommerce

What Nobody Tells You If You Have an Ecommerce

Are you sure you really need to increase your eCommerce traffic to sell more? The real solution is lead generation

“I want to increase my online sales. I have to increase traffic to my eCommerce, how do I do it? “. How many entrepreneurs who run an online shop ask themselves this question every day!

The goal is absolutely right because every entrepreneur must always strive for success, striving every day to improve their business, regardless of the size and results already achieved in the past.

But if the purpose is correct, perhaps it is the starting point that should be put a little more in focus.

I’ll explain better immediately.

Are you sure that having more contacts makes you sell more? Well, if you think that by the law of large numbers things will go this way, know that this is not entirely true.

Or better: will the effort you make to get more contacts pay off with an increase in sales of your really large online store? It’s not for sure.

Because your e-commerce does not need contacts, but qualified contacts. Of people or companies really interested in what you sell. What you need is a tailored lead generation strategy for your e-commerce and certainly not a series of sporadic actions aimed at gaining contacts.

I’ll give you a clear example…

Think of Facebook and all the companies that buy “like”. There are those who do it through the tools made available by social media, which allow you to highlight your page to a specific audience according to age, nationality, interests…

And then there are those looking for low-cost solutions and relies on sites that promise you thousands of “likes” at reduced prices. And they make you get them…

Only they often come from fake or completely inactive profiles. And any potential customer will run the list of your followers for a few seconds and they will realize it immediately.

What are you doing with these contacts? Nothing at all!

Likewise, gaining generic contacts can prove to be a far from a convenient operation.

On the other hand, the bill is soon made: would you spend 10,000 euros on advertising to get a 7-8,000 euro turnover increase?

Certainly not!

And if the turnover increase was 30 or 40 thousand euros? Well, then you certainly would do more than just a little thought, would you?

The point is that generic advertising campaigns can never guarantee your eCommerce the same results you can achieve with lead generation. I assure you this.

Because having e-commerce can be like selling ice to Eskimos

Never underestimate the importance of a lead generation strategy for your e-commerce, because the key to online success is not to gain contacts on contacts but to acquire the right ones: the qualified contacts (leads).

Only leads are the contacts you can convert into customers, not generic contacts that can’t even be defined as potential customers.

The lead generation allows you to get in touch with those who are looking online for the products or services that you market with your online store. It is a large but difficult to intercept the audience.

For this I use the term “strategy” and not “campaign” of lead generation for your e-commerce. Because the campaign is just the final part of an overall work that starts from the analysis of the reference market to identify the ideal target of your business.

Once identified, this target must be reached with a message that hits it and allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Thus, thanks to a continuous and constant flow of qualified contacts, the turnover of your e-commerce will increase in a really, really important way.

The steps of a lead generation strategy for e-commerce are many and it would be useless to make a list as if we were talking about the ingredients for a cooking recipe. Each strategy must be built on expectations and on the reference sector. There are no “ready meals”.

I listed these because they are among the cornerstones that can never be missing in lead generation. Under no circumstances.

Otherwise, the risk is to invest time and resources in a pay campaign or in marketing actions that are just smoke in the eyes because they increase traffic to your online shop but then the results in terms of sales remain well below your expectations.

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Laura Symonds is a professional content writer and a blogger, currently, she is working with a leading video production services providers in Dubai UAE. In the meantime, she also do photography for her blog in a different breathtaking place.

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